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Installation de matériels

Customize your Displays to Infinity

Choose from a variety of layouts (more than 500 combinations available) to show relevant information (trailers, posters, showtimes, cast, seats available) on your displays. Videos or images designed on third-party softwares can also be broadcast very easily.

Pick your own hardware

Ciné Display is compatible with any kind of displays (LCD, LED, Plasma, video walls) and a wide selection of players.
Installation de matériels

Automatic management and planning

Once configured, the system works by itself: information automatically retrieved from the TMS and the POS software are updated on the displays in real time!
Installation de matériels

No subscription needed

Several content offers are available: you can manage the content by yourself or you can subscribe to a monthly plan to receive the content provided by our local partners.


Manage Ciné Display direclty from the TMS interface.
Installation de matériels

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